Small Dog Park​

March 21st of 2017 was a big day at the small dog park.  

We had the new trees planted by volunteers! 

March 21st 2017

Volunteers from Churchhill High School environmental studies department joined Park and Open Spaces staff to plant three trees in our small dog park. Two fruitless Tupelo trees and one Valley Pine tree are now part of our landscape.

The Tupelo tree is native to the Eastern U.S.,  it is an attractive shade tree that thrives in open areas with plenty of room to spread and grow. 

There are many uses for tupelo trees in areas large enough to accommodate their size. They make excellent shade trees and can serve as street trees where overhead wires aren’t a concern. Use them to naturalize low, boggy areas and places with periodic flooding.

The Willamette Valley Ponderosa Pine is a variant of the Ponderosa Pine native to the Willamette Valley in the Northwestern United States. It is adapted for Western Oregon's wet winter and dry summer.