Small Dog Park‚Äč


March 21st 2017  was  the big day at the small dog park!  We had the new trees planted. 

Volunteers from Churchhill High School environmental studies department joined Park and Open Spaces staff to plant three trees in our small dog park. Two fruitless Tupelo trees and one Valley Pine tree are now part of our landscape.

Drainage Project

We raised over $1875 last Fall to get our drainage project completed.  Thanks to all our wonderful dog park members!!   It was a huge success and is working very well.  We are grateful our drainage project came together last October, with $2,000.00 in donations from dog park users making it possible! It was a big project with months of planning that involved our private contractor, Parks Department, Public Works and the Storm Water Department. A special THANK YOU to our administrator Lauren Chouinard who once again put it all together!.


First Two Phases of Park Construction Completed

After an extensive public process it was determined by the Parks and Open Space Division of the City of Eugene that the best location in south Eugene for a small dog park would be within the existing off-leash. enclosure at Amazon Park.  Volunteers developed a fund raising campaign and in mid November of 2011 the first phase of construction of the 1/2 acre park was completed which included a double gate entryway, fencing to separate the small dog park from the all dog park, and installation of a perimeter gravel pathway.  The second phase, which included the installation of a water source for drinking, kiddie pool lounging, and clean-up was completed in September 2012.
Third Phase Completed

The final major improvement to the off-leash area was to construct a shelter over the picnic table in the center of the park to provide shade in summer and protection from rain in winter.  The shelter project was a collaborative effort between volunteers, the City of Eugene Matching Grants program, Chuck Bailey architect, Forrest Castile of Castile Construction, Gibson Steel Fabrication,and the Lane Community College Construction Technology program.  Construction was completed in January 2014. However, we are still about $1,000 short of our goal to meet our obligation to the City of Eugene for a maintenance endowment and to continue to provide dog waste bags for the two dispensers in the park.    




We were sad to lose two of our trees to the ice storm of 2016 and we got replacement trees. THey were planted in the Spring of 2017.

Previous Projects to build the dog park

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Mowing for 2018 

Mowing: Soon it will be mowing season again! Last year we hired Oregons Quality Cuts to mow for us and that was very successful. If we can raise $600.00 in donations this spring we will be able to have our mowing and weed whacking done again this season. Suggested donation $25.00, but please give whatever you can.You can donate via our website or give cash or check to Robin or Jewel at the dog park.