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Eugene Parks Foundation
care of "Lola's Park" 
PO Box 11618
 Eugene, OR 97440-3818


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Thanks to those who have given generously to the park:
Chuck Bailey, Architect
Forrest Castile, Castile Construction Inc.
Gibson Steel Fabrication Inc.
Lane Community College Construction Technology Program
City of Eugene Neighborhood Matching Grants Program

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Where Small Dogs Run Free!  

Lola's Story
In the fall of 2009, while playing at Amazon Dog Park in Eugene, Oregon, Lola, an 11 pound dog (shown at right), was attacked from behind by a large dog. In front of Lola’s owner, her four year old daughter and many others, Lola was mauled to death.

For Lola's owner, the sorrow and loss were almost overwhelming. She wanted to make certain that no small dog ever suffered such a fate at a dog park again. She turned her grief into action by contacting the City's parks department, the Mayor, and the City Council asking if Eugene could have a dog park just for small dogs. Through her online petition, posters, flyers and the media, word spread. Countless stories came forward of small dogs injured by larger dogs. The City's Parks and Open Space Division listened, the Mayor took note, and the City Council heard. Eugene needed a small dog park.

First Two Phases of Park Construction Completed
After an extensive public process it was determined by the Parks and Open Space Division of the City of Eugene that the best location in south Eugene for a small dog park would be within the existing off-leash. enclosure at Amazon Park.  Volunteers developed a fund raising campaign and in mid November of 2011 the first phase of construction of the 1/2 acre park was completed which included a double gate entryway, fencing to separate the small dog park from the all dog park, and installation of a perimeter gravel pathway.  The second phase, which included the installation of a water source for drinking, kiddie pool lounging, and clean-up was completed in September 2012.
Third Phase Completed
The final major improvement to the off-leash area was to construct a shelter over the picnic table in the center of the park to provide shade in summer and protection from rain in winter.  The shelter project was a collaborative effort between volunteers, the City of Eugene Matching Grants program, Chuck Bailey architect, Forrest Castile of Castile Construction, Gibson Steel Fabrication,and the Lane Community College Construction Technology program.  Construction was completed in January 2014. However, we are still about $1,000 short of our goal to meet our obligation to the City of Eugene for a maintenance endowment and to continue to provide dog waste bags for the two dispensers in the park.           

How Can You Help?
First, bring your little dogs, under 25 pounds, to the park and enjoy it.  Please work to keep the park clean by picking up after your dog.  There are two dog pottie bag dispensers in the park to make that easy.   Join the Lola's Park Google Group (see links to the left) and follow the steps to create an account (it's free) so that you will receive updates on our progress. The Lola's Park Google Group site is the primary site we will use to organize all of our volunteer communication, dog park projects, and fundraising efforts.
Consider making a tax deductible donation through the Eugene Parks Foundation.   No donation is too big or too small. 
To donate, just click on the Chihuahua on the left and it will take you to the Eugene Parks Foundation website where your donation will be placed in our small dog park fund.  You can also drop a check in the mail to the Eugene Parks Foundation (address at left) and specify that it is for the small dog park fund.  Continued funding will help defray the cost of future maintenance, park improvements, and vandalism repairs.


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