Come join us for the fun!  Please bring your little dogs, under 25 pounds, to the park and enjoy it with us! 

  Please work to keep the park clean by picking up after your dog.  There are two dog pottie bag dispensers in the park to make that easy.   Join the Lola's Park Google Group (LINK HERE)  and/or ourfacebook group and follow the steps to create an account (it's free) so that you will receive updates on our progress. The Lola's Park Google Group site is the primary site we will use to organize all of our volunteer communication, dog park projects, and fundraising efforts.
Consider making a tax deductible donation through the Eugene Parks Foundation.   No donation is too big or too small.  To donate, just click on the Chihuahua on the left and it will take you to the Eugene Parks Foundation website where your donation will be placed in our small dog park fund.  You can also drop a check in the mail to the Eugene Parks Foundation (address at left) and specify that it is for the small dog park fund.  Continued funding will help defray the cost of future maintenance, park improvements, and vandalism repairs. 

Again only small dogs under 25 pounds allowed in our park- please do not bring dogs with aggression issues.   

Thank you!!


Please Donate 

Hi all you small dog park supporters!  Did you know we are completely funded by volunteer donations? 

'Small Dog Park Fund'
(Please Click Donate Bone below

to go to Eugene Parks

Foundation to donate)

Checks can be mailed to:
Eugene Parks Foundation 
care of "Small Dog Park" 
PO Box 11618
 Eugene, OR 97440-3818



Where Small Dogs Run Free! 

In the fall of 2009, while playing at the all sizes  Amazon Dog Park in Eugene, Oregon, Lola, an 11 pound dog  was attacked from behind by a large dog. In front of Lola’s owner, her four year old daughter and many others, Lola was mauled to death.  

As a result, her owner, Renee, vowed to bring into creation, our little dog corner. 

We honor Lola, and her family Renee & Isa, by letting them all know that Lola's death was not in vain. Thank you everyone for creating our Small Dog Park.
We raised over $1875 ltwo years ago to get our drainage project completed.

In the Spring last year we raised over $500 for our mowing fund and had twice a month mowing all Spring and Summer!

 Thanks to all our wonderful dog park members!!   The drainage work was  a huge success and is working very well to take streams of water out of the dog park.  

Mowing time is upon us.  we are now raising funds for 2018 mowing season!  Click' Mowing' fund tab above!

Thanks to Photographer: Carl Best 

Our dog park is funded by volunteer donations.  The city doesn't pay for our park mowing or other maintenance needs.  Although, they just recently started supplying us pottie bags- Yeah City Parks!

We so appreciate all the wonderful participants in our dog park group

We couldn't have made all this happen without your donations and help!  


Welcome to Our Amazon Small Dog Park

Small Dog Park​